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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

January 2016

Football season turned out to be a fun one...and a sad one at the Gray house. Aiden's team made it to the playoff, but lost to the team I like Go Panthers!!
During the game Aiden changed the channel and I asked why? He told me "I'm sick of seeing you smile!"
But he was happy for awhile and especially when the Cardinals made it to the playoffs.

During the playoffs.....we started out happy but ended up sad. Except me Go Panthers!!

New Years Eve at the Utah Jazz Game

Dancing at Jennifer's wedding

Monday, April 18, 2016

Thanksgiving and Christmas 2015

Thanksgiving in SLC.
Since Grandma was gone this year we decided to head up to SLC and go out for Thanksgiving dinner.
It was a blast!!

 Hockey Games.....GO Grizzlies

Family Pictures 2015
                                                            My Handsome boys                                                
                                                                  Brandon 15
                                                                      Collin 11
                                                                       Aiden 7

Sunday, April 17, 2016


2015 began with a new house!!

January 29 sisters weekend
The boys's plant holders they made
Happy 11th Birthday Collin

Grandma's birthday party and mission farewell party at the Logandale Park

Brittney's cake she made for Grandma

Grandma with all the Grandkids, except Cassandra

Uncle Jared gave Collin a highway patrol hat that he needed a picture with

Our basement was unfinished. Chad designed it and finished it, with a little help.
Collin's batcave in his closet. Unfortunately after a few months of sleeping in there he decided that their were zombies in his batcave and moved upstairs.

Messy face Aiden

The rest of the basement in the finishing process

Happy Easter, April 5, 2015

April 22nd Grandma left on her mission and I was the lucky girl that got to drive her back to Nauvoo.
Why everyone thought sending me and my Mom off (as I am directionally challenged) were crazy....but we made it safe and sound!
We had to send the girls proof we were filling up :)

We drove clear across Nebraska in one day

Headed off to Nauvoo for Mom to report to her mission 

Mom's new home sweet home

Me and the Mississippi River

Our attempt at a selfie

Nauvoo Temple

My flight home to Cedar. I flew in this death trap in Quincy, Illinois to St. Louis. Then to Salt Lake and finally to Cedar.

May 1st Salt Lake City, our view from the Holiday Inn Express Downtown

Discovery Gateway. We rode the train and got there all by ourselves. Aiden told me to put my phone (navigation) away, he's got this

Collin and Aiden's Mothers Day gift

Aiden's first year playing soccer

End of year dance! 

Aiden and Mrs. Hunter

Collin and all his class friends. He had always been in the classroom part time and in Special Ed centers the other half. In 5th grade I decided to have in Special Ed all day and it was the best decision. He became a leader and helper to all the kids in his class, it was great for his self esteem.

The best and worst teacher gift ever!!

Aiden's first year playing baseball.

Collin went to the doctor and was very upset that he couldn't get a shot. So the doctor started looking and we realized he actually did!

Summer Games Fireworks

We went up to Salt Lake for Cassandra's homecoming, June 2015
Boondocks for some fun

After church pyramid

Manti Pageant

Happy 7th Birthday Aiden

Tiki Shack time

4th of July Parade

Collin decided to shave

Chad and we went to a book signing in Las Vegas for one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Armentrout. There were a lot of authors there but I only cared about meeting her. I had two books other people had a few more.

Mom in Nauvoo, while we were having the 24th of July in Kanosh

Collin decided to sleep in the bathtub for some peace and quiet.

The boys helping Chad get ready for school

Collin's first day as a 6th grader at Cedar Middle School with his Dad.

Aiden's first day as a 2nd grader at Iron Springs Elementary

Collin loved his first day of school he came home and laid out his clothes for the next day.

Once again Brandon's second or third day of schoool as a 10th grader at Cedar Middle School

Collin with his science project

Labor Day fun in St. George

September 12, 2015 my first half marathon. Juliann was an awesome sister and stuck with me to the end. We finished in 2 hours 25 minutes. I even had a few 9 minute miles, which is awesome for me. 

We did it!!

I even made the Cedar City Event's Facebook page

Collin suddenly became obsessed with picture frames!!

Garrett's last Pirate game! We Won!!

We went to Overton in October. We were cleaning Grandma's yard. This was Collin "Helping" and when the girls brought a bag of weeds Collin asked "You got a dead body in there?"

In October the boys got their first jobs...delivering newspapers

The second time they went they decided to wear their costumes from Grandma Terrie

New car and Aiden's first flight

Halloween 2015